Mentorship Program

The Metrowest STEM Education Network, Framingham State University and Keefe Regional Technical School, Milford and Marlborough Public Schools are excited to announce the launch of the See Your Self in STEM - High School-to-College-to-Career Mentorship program. 

The program is designed to increase STEM school-to-college-to-career understanding and interest among 60 students in grades 10-12 in Framingham, Marlborough and Milford.  The program will provide interactive monthly mentoring experiences during the 2019-20 academic year with college students and industry STEM professionals. The mentorship program is designed to highlight the STEM skills needed to think, communicate and contribute value in any work environment. 

We are looking for volunteers from industry who will act as mentors to high school students as they explore the diverse and collaborative nature of STEM. As a mentor, you will be part of a diverse team including other local STEM professionals, university students, and Framingham State University professors, who will engage and guide students in the development of STEM related skills. 

Interested mentors and fellow colleagues from your organizations are welcome to volunteer as a team. While we would like for you to attend all meetings of the program, working as a team will allow you to cover for each other when someone cannot attend. Please, note that volunteers commit to be a mentor for a group of 3-5 students at the same high school  for the whole duration of the program, from October 2019 to June 2020 

Interested mentors are encouraged to sign up using this form. Training and support will be provided to mentors via webinar.   

Please feel free to share these fliers with colleagues and friends:

Keefe Regional Technical School

Marlborough High School

Milford High School

For more information contact Evan Pagliuca at