Videos from the International Space Station

Purple Group

Space gym (Samantha Cristoforetti) 1:46

Eating in space (Samantha Cristoforetti) 3:50

Space potty (Suni Williams) 2:26

Playing the flute (Cady Coleman) 2:41

Wringing a washcloth in space (Chris Hadfield) 3:17

Red Group

Exercise (Joe Acaba) 2:43

Pudding the space way 0:55

Sleeping quarters (Koichi Wakata) 2:17

Quilting in space (Karen Nyberg) 5:07

Spiders in Space (Cady Coleman) 1:34

Yellow Group

Space gym (Samantha Cristoforetti) 1:46

“Cooking” spinach (Chris Hadfield) 1:20

Shower in space (Samantha Cristoforetti) 2:00

Window on the World (Scott Kelly) 3:18

How the water filtration system works (Koichi Wakata) 1:31

Green Group

Running in space (Karen Nyberg) 3:26

Peanut butter and jelly (Shane Kimbrough) 2:09

Tears in Space (Chris Hadfield) 1:24

"Out of this world” cup (Expedition 40 crew) 1:02

How food gets to space (Space Week Live) 3:05

other videos

Mission Patch Video

Making a mission patch (NASA)

The meaning of mission patches (Smithsonian Institution - National Air and Space Museum)



Lab freezer for ISS

Nutrition (Scott Tinkle)

Microgravity Science Glovebox

Water ping pong (Scott Kelly)

A day in space, different experiments on the ISS 

Space Suit malfunction (Luca Parmitano)

Kinetic and Potential Energy (Joe Acaba) 2:49



Recycling water (Chris Hadfield)

Brushing your teeth in space (Chris Hadfield)

Sleeping quarters (Samantha Cristoforetti)

Packing the trash (Mike Fossum, life)

Tour of the ISS (Suni Williams, ~8min)

Getting sick in space (Chris Hadfield) 1:47



St. Patrick’s Day in Space - flute playing (Cady Coleman)

Space Oddity (Chris Hadfield Music Video)

Opening hatch for new crew (expedition 41/42)

Welcome back ceremony in Kazakhstan