Katherine Calabro

Katherine currently works at Synopsys as a R&D engineer in the Optical Solutions Group. Previous to this, she graduated from Boston University in 2013 with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Her thesis work centered around improved mathematical and computational models for use in Reflectance Spectroscopy in turbid media. This background has been leveraged in her work at Synopsys where she is a developer for the illumination simulation software package LightTools. She received her BS and MS in Engineering Science at Pennsylvania State University in 2005 and 2006, respectively. Katherine is a member of OSA and SPIE, a previous president for the BU OSA/SPIE student chapter, a member of the OSA Membership and Education Services Committee, and a President and council member for New England Section of the OSA (NES/OSA) for the past 6 years. She has been very engaged with optics education outreach as part of her involvement with NES/OSA.



Mr. Gregory is a Technical Marketing Director and LightTools Product Manager in the Optical Solutions Group at Synopsys (formerly Optical Research Associates), a technical software company specializing in Electronic Design Automation and Optical Systems Design. His role includes working with customers to understand the market needs in illumination systems design and communicating those needs to the software development team. Groot’s interests in optics include optical design and analysis software, the design and deployment of optical instrumentation, and the promotion of the science though professional society involvement and education outreach.

Groot is a member of the OSA. IES, SID and a Fellow of SPIE. He is a past chair of OSA’s OPN Advisory Committee. He currently serves OSA as a member of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Membership and Education Services Council, a member of the External Relations Committee and of the Industry Council, and a column editor for OPN. At SPIE, he is a Senior Editor for the journal Optical Engineering, a member of the SPIE IT committee and conference chair for the SPIE Optics Education and Outreach conference. He has served the New England local section of OSA as program chair, publications chair, president and is currently treasurer.

Groot received degrees in Physics, Mathematics and Optics from the University of Rochester and is a licensed aircraft mechanic.


Anne Ludes

Anne Ludes is the Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education.  Ms. Ludes earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Providence College, and a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from Boston College. Ms. Ludes has dedicated the majority of her career to the Framingham Public Schools, beginning her career as a high school mathematics teacher and then serving as the Mathematics Department Head before becoming Associate Principal of Framingham High School. In July of 2017, she joined the Central Office team as the Director of Secondary Education. For teachers and students alike, Ms. Ludes believes adopting a growth mindset is the first step toward meeting and exceeding expectations.  She helps educators reflect on their teaching practice, develop intentional strategies that optimize learning, and commit to continuous professional development.  Anne Ludes is a proud resident of Framingham and has two children who attend Framingham High School.



Mr. Rigney is a leader in MSEF's Curious Minds Initiative (CMI) helping Massachusetts STEM teachers increase inquiry and opportunities for independent research projects by students through three professional development courses. Bill has helped organize and facilitate a MSEF Mentoring Program for middle and high school students and has recruited STEM undergraduate and graduate students as well as STEM professionals to come into schools to mentor students through their project. He is a STEM Education Consultant. Mr. Rigney has spoken about student research and STEM education at conferences in Thailand, South Korea, China, and United States.  Bill received his BS in Biology from Framingham State College and his M.Ed. from Worcester State College. He retired from the Marlborough Public Schools as the STEM Instructional Specialist.